Website Assessments

Are you struggling with your online business?

Are your budget optimization attempts unsuccessful?

Do you find yourself standing in place with your business?


If your stuck in the middle with your business, constantly trying to find a way to make some progress, I can help you with this. You must have thought of ideas in the beginning but in the long run, something did not turn out as expected? This is nothing unusual and happens to every business owner out there.

If your online business is standing in place, you must be under constant stress about improving it. Finding the right solution to your problems can often be frustrating and the best way to fix the problem is by getting professional help. When you find yourself stuck into constant fight with turning an idea into a profit, you should know that the right time for getting professional coaching has come.

Statistics have shown that most of the business sites on the market generate the same number of visitors and customers continually, with a changing percentage of only 1-2% per year.  This proves that you cannot wait for a change in optimization to simply happen, but you must take steps in improving your online business and do this right away!

Luckily for you and for the first time ever, I have decided to share my thorough expertise on the matter in private one-on-one consultations via email. The only thing you have to do is send me URL info of your website, after which you shall receive a prompt response within 1 business day. What I offer is clever pointers that will ultimately boost your campaign and help you increase the profit you so desperately need in order to keep the business on the market.

If you choose me for the leader of your path to success, the assessment will include:

  • Detailed information on the design of your website
  • Website design recommendations
  • An estimate on the business branding
  • Expert advice on business branding
  • An estimate of your target audience
  • Expert advice on targeting the right audience
  • Professional answers to the questions you may have regarding the website
  • General suggestions and personal insights

As mentioned in the list above, what you should expect when in demand of my services is a custom assessment of your business’ website with a completed, detailed list of guidelines about its improvement. The assessment you request will be sent within a deadline of only 3 business days via email and will include steps that you must follow in order for your business to grow into success.

How does the process go?

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The first step is contacting me about professional coaching and providing me with the URL of the website you want to boost. Then, you will instantly receive a brief questionnaire that should help me discover some details about you and your business. This is the place where you also discuss your concerns and goals regarding the functioning of the website and the growth of the business. If you are new in the business world or simply have not determined the goals, do not worry. This is yet another point I can help you with. The only thing I expect you to do is provide me with detailed information on what you are trying to accomplish.

What You Get

You will get a custom assessment of your website page with a complete detailed list to improve your business. Your assessment will be sent to you within 3 business days via email with actionable steps  to improve your website that you can implement today!

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