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7 Steps That You Can Take To Live a Happy Life

7 Steps That You Can Take To Live a Happy Life

I had two completely different persons living next to me. Sure, this is not uncommon at all because we are all different, but when I compared the behavior of Mr. Green and Mrs. Green, it always gave me the chills.

I never really understood what got these two people together and more importantly, what kept them together for 25 years. I guess the fact that Mrs. Green saw the beautiful in everything kept her husband a little less tense and less disappointed of everything around him.

Mr. Green was the definition of unhappy. He had all the characteristics of unhappy people and it was amazing how bad this made him look. Considering that he hated everything, starting from the house, the backyard, the noise of cars, the noise of children playing, his work and even his neighbors made him this grumpy, nervous person who everyone avoided.

7 Steps that you can take to live a happy life

As years gone by, I realized that this man was not that bad after all. Some things he did showed that he had an amazingly good heart, but a very bad view of life. I thought a lot about this and realized how much this hurt him and everyone around him. Being unhappy can make people:

  • It is surely not easy to feel disgusted by everything, to speak badly of people and think only badly of everything around you. If you have met this man or anyone like him and looked closely, you could see just how tired he is from being himself. People need to be happy for their well-being
  • The man looked like the world is falling apart even though his life was good. He had a nice family, wonderful house and good financial situation. Seeing everything as a bad thing made him look like he failed in life, like he had no reason to live.
  • No one wants an unhappy person. If you meet a person and keep complaining, there is a very big chance that they will stop the conversation and leave. No one wants people who constantly spread negative energy.

Mrs. Green was this amazing, tiny woman who everyone loved. And she loved everyone, even her miserable, unhappy husband. When she heard him complaining, she would smile and point him how wrong he was. She was only sad in sad situations, but still looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mrs. Green enjoyed life. She was the definition of a happy, loving person. Without her, her husband would be even more miserable and would have no reason to live. She loved people; she loved her home, her job and her life. Mrs. Green spoke happily to every neighbor, stood on the window to watch the kids play and the noise from the cars could not possibly bother her. This woman was the example of what people should be like.

What follows are seven of her best characteristics, turned into steps for becoming a happy person that enjoys life:

  1. Find the problem. If you are constantly unhappy, there is a big chance that the problem can be found in you. The first step in becoming a happy person is realizing that you are the one responsible for your own sadness. There are many pointers to show you if this is your problem. Have a look around. People seem unhappy when in company of unhappy people and will most probably avoid speaking to a person who is constantly spreading negative energy
  2. Decide to make a change. As soon as you have accepted that your behavior is the problem, the next step is to decide and plan how to overcome this. Realizing what the issue is will mean nothing if you are not ready to take action to improve your life.
  3. Stop complaining. If you are one of those people who complain, such as Mr. Green, there is a way to change this. You may not believe this, but complaining is a habit. If you decide to be happy and make a change in your life, you have to realize that what makes you unhappy is your view of life. Mrs. Green had the same home problems Mr. Green had, but did she complain? No, she never did. What she did is try to fix them.
  4. Try to change. You may not believe this now, but if you decide to be a positive person, you can be one. You can be whatever you put your mind to. After all, thinking of being a more positive person is a positive thing to start with.
  5. Smile. People spread bad vibes and good vibes. If you think you are not influencing your environment, you are wrong. Even animals need love and care and being a sad person can affect everyone and everything around you. It is the same with them. If you have happy relationships with people around you, the entire environment will help you feel safer and happier. Smile often because smile is contagious.
  6. Try to find the positive thing. Of course, bad things are happening. But, what if Mr. Green focused on the how unique his house was and how beautiful his wife’s flowers looked instead of hating it because the pluming was bad at the moment or because it needed to be painted again. Everything in life is work in progress and there is something beautiful in everything. Instead of seeing children playing as a noise, see it as a wonderful sound of new generations having fun. After all, we all were children once.
  7. Believe. Sometimes being happy is not really an option, because life can give us a challenge that is too difficult so handle. This is why we have always and will always believe in something. People believe in religion, in other people, in the other world, in their pets. What you need to go through a tough patch is to believe.

Happiness depends on people. Being constantly unhappy does not only hurt your life, but your health too. You will spend much better time if you enjoy it and will find that by being more intentional, people who surround you will be happier too.

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