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10 Things Every Successful Entrepreneur Have in Common

10 Things Every Successful Entrepreneur Have in Common

You must have heard at least one amazing story of how a certain celebrity has become what they are right now. In fact, every next story is more amazing than the first one. Undoubtedly, there are exceptions that are diverse than others but generally; there are still certain things that are common for all successful people out there.

I have compiled a list of 10 of the most successful traits, demonstrated in the path of success of some of the most famous celebrities in the world.

  1. Be persistent

steve-jobsThe key to being successful is not giving up. Life is difficult and there are many points in life when everyone gets defeated.

Who has not heard of Steve Jobs? We are talking of one of the most successful people in the world and the most amazing story for success out there. When speaking of the creator of Apple and Pixar for Disney, we are speaking of perhaps one of the most persistent person that ever lived. Having dropped out of college and created one of the most important technologies of the world in his garage, Jobs has been fired by the CEO he hired at his own company. This didn’t stop him in creating Pixar for Disney and buying George Lucas’ computer graphics, so that later he can sell NeXT to Apple and become its new CEO. Even at the point where he is diagnosed with cancer, he does not give up but works hard and launches tech revolution with iMac, iPod and iTunes, until the day he dies.

  1. Be creative

walt disneyWhat better example for creativity to choose but Walt Disney? An iconic legend of all times, whose name will continue to stand out in the cartoon business long into the future. Disney has been gone for long time now, but his products are still more successful than any others. With his amazing level of creativity and professionalism, Disney still continues to entertain the children with the most famous cartoon characters in the world.

  1. Have a unique idea

JK RowlingHaving a unique idea is simply the way to go into the world of success! If you think like everyone else and do not take risks, the chances of standing out and becoming successful will be quite low.

There are many famous people in the world of fiction, but there is no one that proves idea can change the life as J.K.Rowling. This woman was the author of the series that touched the hearts of every child in the world – Harry Potter. The idea of Harry Potter was not born overnight, but developed for nearly seven years before the publishing of the first book!

  1. Passion

tiger-woodsWhat successful people have in common is striving for what they want. Tiger Woods is one of the people that decided to follow his dream of being a golfer from an early age and showed that only passion can lead people to success.

As someone once said – you know what your passion is if you are still willing to do it without being paid for it!

  1. Have fun while working

oprahHard work is not only a prerequisite in being a celebrity, but for being successful in general. No one can become successful on their own without putting efforts in what they do.

But hard work can often be exhausting if you do not see what you do as an interesting thing. Take for example, Oprah Winfrey. Her job is not only her source of income, but she also has fun while doing what she does!

  1. Focus

warren-buffetYou must have heard of the phrase ‘Focus is key’. If you have wondered what this key opens, the answer would be the doors of success. You simply cannot succeed unless you try hard to specialize in a certain area and build an expertise.

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors in the world has once said: ‘putting money in a lot of things is a Noah’s Ark way of investing – you end up with a zoo that way’’.

  1. Push yourself to the limit

Kate WinsletPushing yourself out of the comfort zone is an advice all successful people can give you, because without trying hard, you cannot succeed.

When you hear of Kate Winslet, the first thing you connect this name to is of course, Titanic. In her early age, Kate was a bit chubby, but hard work has turned her to one of the best looking actresses in the world of movies.

    8. Be consistent

Leonardo DiCaprioWhen speaking of consistence in ideas, I immediately think of Leonardo DiCaprio. Starting his career while still very young, he was always consistent in giving the best he had in all his movies.

This had lead him to finally receiving an Oscar, something he so long deserved!


  1. Improve constantly

John WoodenIf you are successful and wish to remain as such, you have to gradually improve as time passes. Whether it is in terms of career, ideas, projects or products, a person has to be constantly informed of current events and happenings in order to improve and remain high on the market.

Take the words ‘practice makes perfect’, said by the legendary basketball coach John Wooden, for example. The importance of focus on strength and improvement is perhaps one of the most important things that successful people share.

   10. Discover what people need

Martha StewardMartha Steward is known as the master homemaker that gives tips for better homes. What she did to become successful was determine who she serves and what is it that they needed.

Let’s face it – people will care for the things you offer only as long as they can fix their problems or give them some benefit.

These ten steps are something every successful person should possess. Follow these guidelines but remember – your path to success is something you create and determine and the only way to do this is by being unique!

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