Your Future Never Just Happens By Accident

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In business we are faced with many challenges as of what I call the nasty W’s.. They consist of the When, What, Will and Why. To make things for you a little clearer let me break it down for you. Most people want to start an online business but they are only focused on “WHEN”. Like for example “when will this business make me money?”  

Then the next most commonly expressed questions I get from clients are “Derek, WILL it take me long before I make money at this business?” I am always honest and to the point with my clients and keep it real by saying “You will see success with hard work, dedication and taking action”. That is about the time people that think get rich quick ideas work ask me “WHY I have to work so hard at an online business?”

I always quickly explain that online business is just like a brick and mortar meaning you have to still work hard at it and sometimes you may even work harder than a physical business and the end result will be success. That is about the time when most lazy people will always respond with almost always the same answer “WHAT?” Now I know that is a funny story but it is true and a fact that many of folks want instant online success. But I am sorry to pop your bubble and be honest with you my friends because the truth is that hard work and value feeds your wallet in this business. If you add value at the end of the day you will make money and long lasting customers.

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2 thoughts on “Your Future Never Just Happens By Accident

  1. Annetta Powell

    Hi Derk,
    You said it right. Although all these Ws are important when you start an online business, some people just cling to those Ws forever. Ask those questions and find the answers and then move ahead. Staying in the same stage is not going to bring the future to anyone.

  2. derekbingham Post author

    Absolutely Annetta!! You see you’re belief and efforts will position you for unlimited results!!! The more you believe in your dreams the faster they come true!

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